About Us

Laurens County, SC

We are located in Laurens County, SC. Laurens has a small shelter that holds all of the dogs that animal control picks up in Laurens County - this includes strays, abuse cases, bite holds and owner surrenders.. Unfortunately at this time, Laurens County Animal Control is NOT a no-kill shelter.

Need For Fosters and Affordable Boarding

Thankfully, there are many quality rescues that pull from Laurens. Many times, these rescues are located out of the county. These rescues are only able to pull dogs if there is a place for the dog to stay until they are transported to the rescue - sometimes it is merely a week and sometimes it is several months. There is a severe shortage of fosters in Laurens County. If no fosters can be found, many rescues pursue affordable boarding for a short term solution..


Our mission is to provide a unique blend of fostering and boarding to rescues who have pulled dogs from Laurens County Animal Control. We offer a "pup stop" for dogs on their way to their forever homes! This unique blend will consist of a boarding type situation with plenty of play time in our 1/2 acre fenced in yard, as well as time spent indoors with family to evaluate and initiate house training and crate training.